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Take your copy to the next level, and hire a Geek Mom for your creation team. Here's what I bring to the table:

By Gaming Parents, For Gaming Parents

Don't fall victim to surface level writing. We incorporate video games in everything we do. It's how we connect with our kids. It's how we teach them abstract concepts. It's how we get our exercise. It also comes through in our content. Video games are a tool that many parents have a hard time engaging in. We bridge that gap. 

Check out some samples here:

Unique Lived Experience
Some experiences cannot be paid for. My lived experience as a military brat mixed Korean, who found solace in video games, cannot be found anywhere else. 
To read my dad's story click here: https://americanmilitarynews.c...

Gaming Experience Timeline / Proof I know stuff about video games:

Age 3: VTECH Socrates 

Age 5: Super Mario Bros. / Tetris / Tiny Toons Adventures / Yoshi

Age 7: Wolf 3D / Police Quest 3 / Donkey Kong / Prodigy Internet

Age 9: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 / Rocket Knight Adventures

Age 12: Final Fantasy VII / Final Fantasy VIII / Crash Bandicoot 

Age 14: Metal Gear Solid and other PlayStation Titles

Age 18: Halo 

Age 20: Halo 2 / Final Fantasy XI / Oblivion

Age 28: Final Fantasy XIV / Ni No Kuni / Skyrim / Katamari and so on... 

Now: Gaming content creator     

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